Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Addition To Our Family

On March 23 Emma Lynne made her entrance.

Emma was in NICU for two days due to low sugar levels.

Emma getting ready to come home. My mother made this sweater for Jennifer when she was born, Jake came home in it from the hospital and now Emma.

Jake and Emma bonding.

Jake is enjoying being a big brother.

Jen signed Jake up for an Easter Cake baking class. He had a great time.

Here is a picture of my current needlepoint project. This one is for Jake and I have the girl version for Emma.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Finish

I am having a real problem being able to post on the blog. Have been working on either getting a new app or trying to fix the present one.

This fun sock is a Kelly Clark canvas and is the first one in a club being done by Family Arts.


More Finishing For 2014

I have been stitching on some smaller pieces since I feel the need for immediate satisfaction.

Here are three fun hearts from Associated Talent. The French Knot wrote guides for them.

Pretty witch was a fun canvas to stitch. The canvas is by Shelly Tribbey. Betty Scanlon one of the owners of Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont gave me some stitch suggestions and the hair was one of them.

Jake and Jen at his fourth birthday party.

Jake with his birthday cake at Nana's house.

Jake all dressed up for his school picture.

I will be very busy for awhile since our second grandchild is due to arrive soon.
Will let you know as soon as the baby arrives.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Another Finish

Last night I finished another pear from the Kelly Clark Christmas Pear Club from The French Knot. This is a fun club to stitch.

I had this Santa button in my stash and thought it looked great on the canvas.


Friday, January 17, 2014

First Finish of 2014

Last night I finished this pear from The French Knot Kelly Clark Pear Club.
This is a wonderful club. Love all the pears.

I followed the stitch guide except for the flowers and leaves. I did Spider Web Roses and the Leaf Stitch for the leaves.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Progress On Christmas Village

I am having such a good time stitching this fun canvas. Ruth Schmuff owner of Bedecked and Beadazzled is doing a fabulous stitch guide for this Melissa Shirley canvas. So far we have gotten two lessons - the sky and one house - beautiful stitches, great choice of threads, beads and embellishments.

An overview of the whole canvas.

A close-up of the first house.

This is a Mystery Class with a Twist. Lessons come about every three months and you can sign up at anytime.


Friday, January 3, 2014

A Finish to Start 2014!

I finally finished a canvas! It seems like it's been so long since I've actually finished something, I must admit. I've been busy all around, as are we all. And then there's been knitting, another obsession....

This was really a fun project to work on. I took this class at The Enriched Stitch--two Saturdays in November. Really had a good time. The background stitch..easy...the beaded berries...such fun...the basket...with the ribbon--incredible ideas!

Suzie Vallerie did a great job with the stitch guide--creative, with just the right amount of challenge.

All the best in 2014.