Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Rhett and Scarlett O'Hare

I have been looking for bunnies for Easter for a long time and have finally found the perfect ones I just love them. The canvases are by Needle Deeva and the stitch guides are by Debbie Bowers of Needle Orts in Altamonte Springs, Flordia. Debbie's stitch guides are just spectacular. They are beautifully done and the directions are clear and easy to read. Debbie's choice of stitches, threads and accessories are absolutely perfect Rhett and Scarlett. I knew just by the presentation of the stitch guides that Debbie takes a great pride in her work and it certainly shows in everything she chose for these pieces. I am so happy with Rhett and Scarlett. I cannot wait to start stitching them. I would love to have them for this Easter. I am already planning on how the mantel will look. Just have to find the time. Maybe during the month of November and December.



Robin said...

Oh, boy... won't these be fun to stitch. And, yes, I will keep my eyes open for some suggested Easter/Spring Mantel accessories to accompany Rhett and Scarlet.

Melinda said...

These canvases look like they will be lots of fun! I love all the pale pinks, blues, greens, and yellows. Here you are already thinking about your springtime mantle and I'm here with Dr. A who is giving me the evil eye tonight wondering if I will ever finish him so that he can join his friends on my Halloween mantle. I have some fun things for my Easter mantle but none of it includes anything that I have stitched. I look forward to seeing your work on Rhett and Scarlett!

stephanie ashworth said...

Those are absolutely adorable. Perhaps a tree hung with needlepoint eggs would finish out the mantle.