Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jake's Stocking Canvas Arrived

I ordered this perfect stocking for Jake from The Needle Works in Austin, Texas. They are having a 40% off sale on all in stock canvases. I could not resist a sale like this. After Jake's experience at the Train Show, we decided that this was the perfect canvas for him. When it arrived on Tuesday and I took it out of the box, Jake got all excited. I will be mailing it off to Amy's for Robin to do a stitch guide for it.
Things have been very busy between taking care of Jake and getting ready for the holidays. I just have to put the decorations on the tree and I am all done with the decorating. Shopping is another matter. Planning on hitting the stores when they open on Saturday and hopefully will get it all done. Jake has been done for awhile. He was easy. Did most of his shopping online.
Work on Rhett is coming along slowly. I have not been able to sit down until around 9 at night and am exhausted so not a lot of stitching is happening. Would love to have him done within the next two weeks.


Michelle Harkavy said...

A woman in our Saturday morning canvas enhancement class, led my the awesome, Robin King stitched this stocking for her grandson. It was absolutely gorgeous!!

Melinda said...

What a perfect canvas for little Jake. If he was excited looking at the blank canvas, imagine what reaction you will get when he sees the finished product. He will love all those little trains! This project is going to keep you busy, Linda! You aren't planning on stitching anything else next year, are you?