Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I have always loved Whimsy and Grace's bees. When I saw the bee bag, I just knew I had to have. I then found the belt and had to have that too.
My husband said to order them and it would be part of my Christmas present.
I ordered them from Stitch by Stitch, my local needlepoint store and they arrived within a few days of ordering. I then picked out my threads, Vineyard Silk #C-008 and Kreinik #12 braid 002HL. They also came within a number of days. Now I had a really big problem, since I already knew about the gift do I wait until Christmas or start stitching it. I could not wait so I started stitching.
This is going to take awhile to finish since I have the Christmas Banner and then the Thanksgiving House but I figured that if I stitch for an hour every afternoon during part of Jake's nap I would feel like I was accomplishing something.
I received two absolutely wonderful gifts from my really good friends Karen and Melinda. Karen gave me a snap tray and a frame weight with my name on them and she also had a scissor fob made to match. They are just too die for. The scissor fob is such a perfect match. Karen also gave me a Vera Bradley hanging toiletry organizer for when we take our needlepoint trips. I guess she felt sorry for me since I put all my toiletries in ziplock bags.
My other good friend, Melinda, sent me the wonderful snap tray that says Stitching Stuff, I immediately snapped it together and put my scissors, thread pull, laying tool, etc. into and use it everyday. I just love it. Melinda also gave me cutest magnet, I saw this when I was Amy's and resisted buying it, I am now glad I did because now I will think of Melinda when I look at it. The magnet is a Queen stitching. Melinda also gave me the nicest stitch counters by Zecca.
I am the luckiest person to have such wonderful friends.
Today was Christmas again. My husband was hanging around and saw me looking at Amy's website and asked what I was doing. I told him that Amy was having a sale and I was looking to see if I wanted anything. He said order what you want. Now do you think I need to be told twice? I ordered two canvases with threads and guides. My box should arrive by the end of the week and I will show you what I bought.
Jake had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was very good to him. By the time he came to Nana' house he had the gift opening down to a science.
Jen and I both got him a Leap Frog computer. One is for home and one for
Nana' house.
Hope you had a great Christmas.

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Steph's Stitching said...

You had the most awesome Christmas ever! Can't wait to see what Brown Santa(UPS man) brings from Amy's!