Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What? No Photo AGAIN, Denise?

Sorry. Again. No photo from yours truly.

I have been working on a gift for a dear friend's daughter's wedding shower gift. Since it's a gift & I don't know who may visit here, I don't like to post gifts & possibly spoil the surprise. This wasn't a huge canvas, but it did have a lot of beading. I learned my lesson with that one. As I told Linda the other night, the next time I have this much beading, I may alternate with Kreinik or some other thread. Beads are so pretty but time consuming, what with lassoing and all. And boring.

Enough complaining. The good news is that I finished something & now I will be working on something I can photograph & share. I will be going back to a cute little Amanda Lawford canvas, about 5 x 5, that I worked up with Sharon G at a Canvas Embellishment class at Nimble Needle. Linda & I really enjoy getting to Karen Milano's store, Nimble Needle, in Haddonfield, NJ. It's just outside of Philadelphia, in a NJ suburb, a nice looking little town & a not so bad car ride away for us (ok, almost a 2 hour car ride). Karen's store is very cute, Karen always has some new canvas to show us, and she just has a great eye for colors & thread. And Haddonfield is an easy(ish) ride for Sharon G as well, so we've been lucky to take a few classes with Sharon at Karen's shop.

No meetings for me tonight, so there should be some stitching time. I woke up with a cramp in my back which I hope passes shortly (who gets a back pain where it hurts to lie down? only me!) so I can stitch this evening.

Fortunately, Linda's been keeping you updated on her antics. And I seem to have created a scissor fob monster.


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Diane said...

I really think you and Linda need to give step by step instructions one day, on you blog, for making the scissor fobs! Feel better and Happy Valentine's Day