Monday, June 24, 2013

What Has Linda Been Doing

Since I am on vacation from Nana DayCare, I decided to organize my sewing room.
Yesterday I spent the day working on my canvases. Today I will be doing my threads.

My thread cabinet before.

The beginning of thread organization. I went to The Container Store and purchased all new boxes and am in the process of organizing everything.

The clear boxes are for my Kreinik and beads. I purchased three of the boxes but will have to go back for another. The Kreinik and bead boxes are just about full and I am not even half way done with the threads.

These smaller boxes are the original boxes I stored my threads in. I will be using them for threads that I only have a small supply of.

Will post pictures of my finished organizing. I will post pictures of all the canvases that will be sent to Fireside for sale. Have not counted them yet put it is probably close to 75

Oh, just in case you are wondering my sewing room is never this messy.

Back to organizing.


1 comment:

Diane Gasior said...

Isn't fun to organize! I always feel so much better when it's finished.

As for Jake, I know how you miss him. Zach started to pack up his room last night to move to Ohio next month. I had to walk out of the room before I started to cry.