Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wonderful Day

Today was just a perfect day. The weather was perfect, a beautiful spring day, but I also got to spend time with some wonderful stitching friends.

The class with David McCaskill was fantastic. I took my Tribbey Needlepoint Store canvas. The stitches and embellishments he came up with just blew me away. I cannot wait to start stitching on it. Denise took one of her Ponza scenes from her collections of photographs that SharonG put on canvas. Everyone was impressed that she has canvases that are pictures from her home in Ponza. David gave Denise some really great stitches that bring life to all the areas of her canvas.

I had a wonderful day stitching with my Stitching Sister and meeting new friends and seeing some old ones. There is nothing like a day spent doing something you love with people who share the same love. We already signed up for next year.

My next adventure is my trip to Memphis. It is less than one month away. Jennifer and I cannot wait to meet Amy and see the magic she has worked on our canvases. I have heard what a wonderful teacher she is and am just so excited about this trip. The only thing that will be missing from this trip will be my Stitching Sister, Denise. She has her daughter's college graduation that weekend.


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