Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Progress Is Being Made

Here is a picture of my monogram canvas. Just a small amount is stitched in the right hand corner. I am back to working on the Elephant. I think he is going to be my favorite piece in the Nativity. He is so regal. I am still working on the background for the Elephant. Hopefully within the next day or two I get to stitch the Elephant himself.
Progress is coming along in the kitchen. All the demolition work is done. The electrical work is next before the walls are closed up. Cabinets are being delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, they will be able to start putting them in on Thursday. Granite is scheduled to be measured on Monday and appliances delivered shortly thereafter. I asked the Pete, the carpenter, if I would be done by Halloween. Hopefully yes was his answer. It is going to take me a good month to get my house back in order. Hoping to be able to get some of the heavy cleaning done during the down time of waiting for the granite.
I was able to talk my husband out of keeping the old cabinets. They are now out of the family room and on the deck waiting to be hauled away. One less mess to take care.
Off to do some paper work and then hopefully stitch.


Teresa S. said...

Love the monogram! It is going to be really special when finished! Where did you get it? Is it a custom design?

Denise & Linda said...

I bought this piece from our LNS - Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont New York. I do not know if it is custom or not. Had to wait six weeks for it to be painted. Only two colors available red and blue.