Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is better than needlepoint?

My daughter, Jen, is expecting her first child in February. Being a grandmother is better than needlepoint. We have known for a while about the baby but I did not want to announce our joyous news too soon. As you can imagine, we are all on cloud nine. I am looking for canvases to stitch. Jen is very particular about what she wants. She does not want any baby canvases. If a girl, she is looking for canvases with dresses, a monogram pillow, teddy bears. If a boy, she is looking for boy outfits, teddy bears and if I can persuade her maybe trucks and trains. The baby's room will not have a baby theme. She has made all her own bedding for the baby. The color scheme is green and cream. I will post pictures of her bedding as soon as I can get all my boxes of kitchen supplies out of the way.
I will be watching the baby once Jen goes back to work. Jen is a psychologist and works for a school district so she will be off from February 2010 until September 2010. So come next September I will have my precious grandchild. Jen has already registered the baby and me for Italian school. They accept children starting at 6 months. Our LNS want us to come and visit so they can all play with the baby. I will find out from the local library what if any story hours they have for a 6 - 7 month old, ans Jen also is also thinking about signing us up for baby yoga. I am going to be very busy. Looking forward to this new phase of my life.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Congratulations! Grandkids are lots of fun and you will have delightful hours with the little one.

Jane said...

I'm so thrilled for you!! There is truly nothing better than having a grandbaby. You're so lucky, too, that yours is so nearby. I didn't have mine here to live until she was 8 months old - and it was the best gift I could have been given. Congratulations. Have you decided on your grandmother name yet? Excited for you!!

Anne Stradal said...

A grandmother--don't I envy you! My kids aren't even out of school, let alone married yet! Give me a holler of I can help make the special event more special for the grandmother-to-be!