Sunday, December 13, 2009

Return from Lunacy

It has been insane around here since Thanksgiving week. I told Linda on Friday that I was actually eating dinner at home with my husband and daughter for the first time in eleven days. Not that we haven't seen each other, but we just haven't all been at the same place at the same time for almost two weeks. So sometimes I've been alone (rarely), oftentimes with my husband, and occasionally with my daughter.

Virtually no stitching has gone on, & my DVR is ready to explode.

But this week does look better. We should only be out 3 nights this week (did I say only?).

Next weekend Ashley's friends are all coming to celebrate Christmas & her friend Chris' birthday, so I am sure things will be quiet & peaceful then too. :)

Did I mention that I really DO love Christmas?

(Although the annoying woman in Marshall's on Friday morning, when I was trying to get some shopping done, I could have done without.)

The tree is up. The new needlepoint tree is also up. Ashley felt we needed a second tree for the family room downstairs, that we could dedicate to needlepoint ornaments. The big tree upstairs is almost 12 feet tall, and we have so many ornaments, she did not want the needlepoint ornaments to get lost. The big tree is filled with the oldest ornaments (many are as old as I am--my birthday is November 24, & I think my mother & grandmother were so excited to have a girl, they bought every pink ornament sold that year. We have tons of them! You can see them on the big tree. Of course we have lots ornaments acquired over the years, and like Linda, I love the memories that go along with them. So that the needlepoint ornaments did not get lost in the shuffle, we gave them their own new home. Which is nice because we do spend a lot of time in the family room too. The tree is right next to where I sit & stitch....when I sit & stitch!

The house is filled with Christmas things. I can't believe how much Christmas stuff we have. Every year we seem to have more & more. You can see Ashley's 1st stocking--stitched while I was still pregnant with her, from a Bucilla kit--as well as the stockings I made for all 3 of us last year.

I also posted a photo of my Lladro nativity. This is why I can't do Amy's nativity, despite my admiration of the canvases & their stitching. My very good friend Kathy gave me this Lladro set. We spend every Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with Kathy. Kathy's mother, Katie, was my daughter's sitter until my daughter was 4. We were very close to Katie & Kathy, & I always admired the Lladro nativity. When we moved into this house, Kathy gave us this beautiful set. It has a place of honor on the 2nd floor bridge, and you can see it as soon as you walk into the house.

I have more finAdd Imageishing to show you, which I will save for later in the week. Enjoy!



Anne Stradal said...

Kudos on having a needlepoint tree! After all your hard work, isn't it nice to sit back and admire it?! When we had two decorated trees, I claimed one for me and the lighthouses. I think next year I'll be moving on to wreaths--a thought you might want to consider,too! A great place to hang the smaller ornaments, and you can "theme" them to boot!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Love that you have a tree devoted to your needlepoint ornies. Especially like the candy canes. The only other tree I've seen like this belongs to a good friend of mine and is totally decorated in needlepoint Santa's. Good going for you both.