Monday, December 7, 2009

The Tree is Up

Here are pictures of my decorated Christmas tree. I decided to take one picture with the lights off - thought it would show off the ornaments better. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love bringing out everything that has been put away and remembering all the memories that each one has. My tree is basically a Hallmark Christmas tree except for my needlepoint ornaments. Every year since my daughter was born. I bought a daughter ornament for her and my husband bought me a mom ornament and I bought him a dad ornament. The tree is filled with such wonderful memories of Jennifer growing up. Hallmark had a stitching series of ornaments and I bought one every year that they had this series. I love all my stitching ornaments. Then friends bought me friendship ornaments and they hold a special place in heart.
I decorate so early so I can enjoy all the loving memories for the whole Christmas season. After all that is what Christmas is all about.
Hope your home is also filled with such loving memories.
I will be trying out some new cookies recipes and if they are really good I will share them with you.


Kathy Wommack said...

oh, I agree!!! I love thinking of where I was and how old my kids were when I stitched my ornaments. It's almost like a journal, marking the years with the different ornaments.

Your tree is gorgeous!! I love the needle house ornaments!

I am starting on my second round of ornaments because I have already distributed my treasures to our four sons. Two are married and have their own trees, but the other half are still here. they can't take them 'til they marry. but it was so much fun letting them choose their favorites. We did it online and by email.

merry, merry!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Linda, the tree is just gorgeous!!! It looks so happy and loving. I am honored to see some of my Santas on it.

Merry Christmas