Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't ask

Linda & I are shot. You may have heard that a huge storm hit the northeast this past weekend, and Westchester County got hit H-A-R-D. I have had no power since Saturday, Linda has had intermittent & alternating problems with phone & cable service. Jennifer, Jake & Jen's husband also had no power, so they are staying at Linda's. We stayed at home at night until last night, when the temperature at home hit 50; Frank, the cats & I packed up & thank God, our friends Linda & Paul put all of us up.

Jen may have power back already. I was told by Con Ed I would have power by midnight tonite. Fortunately, it's my office, so the cats came to work today, as when Frank went home this AM, it was still 50 & no power.

There has been no stitching for days by either Linda or I. No wonder I'm depressed.

On the other hand, this was on the front page of our local newspaper (you have to hightlight it & copy the link)


Don't mess with me, Con Ed.


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Anonymous said...


You are having a time of it for sure. I am lucky that hasn't happened to us here in my area since a terrible wind storm in 1977. Hope you get power soon and stay warm.

Sue VanderNoor
Sunny Calif