Friday, March 5, 2010

Stitching Santa's Here! & Update on Blog List

Is he not just the cutest thing?!

Ruth Schmuff from Bedecked & Beadazzled sent me an email the other day, letting me know he was on his way...I was so excited! Like so many of Ruth's stitch guides, he's filled with bling & all sorts of tricks. Can you see his glasses and the scissors?

I had a great time stitching him....and he will make a perfect partner for the other squatty Santa, the Santa with Cats.

Still busily stitching away on Ponza. There's a lot done, but the rocks are challenging. I can't seem to get the right colors, & I have about 25 different threads I'm mixing up, in all sorts of thread types, to get the right effect. I am trying to have the rocks look like rocks, & therefore not look alike. I will try to get to a point this weekend where I have enough progress to show you.

And we continue to await Linda's grandbaby......



Jane of Chilly Hollow reports on her blog, a problem we are having here on our blog as well. That is, we can't get our blog list to properly link to Ruth Schmuff's blog. When you click on the link, you will get the "not found" error. So, like Jane, we are providing the link here, and urge you to jump on over: Ruth always has special things to see!

Oh, and, blogger refuses to allow me to move my pictures around any more, AND it won't let me paste a link, I have to type it all out. So here goes:


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