Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doctor Is In The House

On Wednesday I received a HUGE box from Amy's. Dr. A was one of the things in my box. I forgot how much I liked him. Amy's finisher did a spectacular job finishing him. I am thrilled with him and he will be put away with Frank and Stirha until Fall. Also in my box was the third Kelly Clark Halloween Apple that Amy did a stitch guide for. What a great stitch guide Amy did for this apple. Cannot wait to start but I will have to wait awhile since one of the threads was back ordered. I also got the Landscape book by Little Shoppe. What wonderful little book this is. Congratulations on your first book! Also in the box was the red Dovo scissor case. I love it and have my Dovo scissors in it. The third lesson for the Creche was also in the box and the last thing in the box was Jake's stocking, stitch guide and threads. Robin did the stitch guide and did a spectacular job. Jake will have to wait until next year for the stocking.

I have not posted lately since I have been having a lot of problems with my right shoulder and have not really accomplished much in stitching. My arm gets tired very quickly and I have a hard time reaching on large canvases. I have finally finished lesson one (the night sky) for the Creche and was going to start lesson two but think I might have to wait. I am having a hard time reaching up to stitch. Amy has done such a wonderful stitch guide for this piece I am so looking forward to stitching and finishing it. I really wanted it for this Christmas but do not know if that is going to happen

I will go to the doctor on June 14 and see what he says. I am hoping he feels that physical therapy will do the trick but I am prepared for him to say surgery is needed. I am able to basketweave with my left hand and have taken out some belts that I bought and have never gotten around to stitch. I hoping that I will be able to stitch them. I purchased threads that I do not have to ply or lay since I will be stitching basically with one hand. I will keep you posted and I am sure that Denise will also keep you informed.

Karen and I are planning on going to Ruth's to take Raymond Crawford's Christmas Ornament piece that Julia Snyder is teaching. I am so looking forward to this mini needlepoint trip (just a quick overnight). If surgery is needed and can be scheduled for when I get home, we are going but if for some reason the only opening I am given is for before the class then we will not go. I really hope that we can make this class.



Robin said...

Linda, your Dracula turned out wonderful. Could I reference your posting with his photo onto the NSH blog? Best wishes for your June 14 shoulder decision. Thanks for your kind words. Hugs, Robin

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

We have our fingers crossed your doctor can return you to stitching form soon!

Anonymous said...

i became left handed several years ago after strokes. i relearned to stitch and can do most things using a frame. i'm a lot slower,but just get to enjoy each proect longer. so keep going it will get easier.

Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - Dr. A looks great and will be a wonderful addition to your Halloween decor. He will take center stage!

Lots of us are sending prayers to you that the shoulder will heal soon - surgery or not! Sounds like small projects are a good idea right now.

Take care!

Denise & Linda said...

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, thoughts and good wishes. I will let you know what is happening as soon as I do.

Kelly Clark said...

Oh Linda Dear, I am so sorry your shoulder is giving you such a pain!
Boo! Will say prayers for the 'right'
decision which will keep you stitching in comfort!!! Dr. A looks Fabulous!
Have you gotten any of your apples back
from finishing? I am really not liking
the way our show models were finished! They look like little charcoal briquettes w/ bows on top! Boo...I want's to see yours before I send the
Patriotic apples out for finishing!
Fell Better!