Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revising the Schedule

You can see here the latest Raymond Crawford Christmas canvas that I completed last night. I am glad to have this ornament completed, as I was a bit disenchanted working it up. It was filled with things I do not love to do: encroaching gobelin, couching, stitches where you alternated threads every other stitch. Tedious. I did get to do the newest beading technique, stringing the beads for the leaves. Now that's it's done, though, I see it is very pretty & glittery. And I do love the way the beaded leaves look.

Our recent Tony Minieri Safari Teapot class was cancelled, which has revised the summer stitching schedule. We won't be having our next class until July 20, and we'll be finishing up the teapot in the fall. Since I am always planning my next stitching project, I am currently going to focus on four more ornaments from the Fireside Vintage Ornaments club from last year; I would really like to finish these last four, & be able to say I have completed the entire set.

But there are a few other stitching events in the way: Stitch by Stitch is starting the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" class next week; this class is scheduled to meet about every other week until late August. And this Saturday Linda & I are going to The Nimble Needle to take a class with Sharon G (so excited!!!!).

And my social, business & personal calendar is insane until the end of July. So stitching opportunities look.....slender. But I will work to fit it in--I need it!

Enjoy the day outside, if you can; it's supposed to rain here all week. Ugh.



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Have fun with SharonG and please give her a hug from me. Take lots of photos of her newest designs if you can. We are all dying to see them!

Missy Gray said...

This piece looks fantastic! I love the beading and all of the sparkle. Glad that you persevered! Can't wait to see the rest of your creations.