Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Little Nutcracker Arrives with the Easter Bunny

Here is my first finish of 2013. This little nutcracker was in my stash & Robin King worked up a stitch guide for a canvas embellishment class at Stitch by Stitch. I've so enjoyed working on this; robin really had some creative thoughts & I especially love the jacket. I plan on making this into a pillow rather than a roll up, as I have no Christmas pillows.

Funny that I finished this Christmas ornament on Holy Saturday, just hours before Easter. Wishing all a happy Easter, & hope all have enjoyed the Passover holiday as well.

Ok, off to watch the end of The Ten Commandments, one of my favorite movies. I used to watch it every year with my dad.



Steph's Stitching said...

Just as cute as it can be. Happy Easter!

Robin said...

Oh, my, Denise. You are a fast and wonderful stitcher. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to seeing Clara. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hugs, Robin

Diane Gasior said...

We have to stitch when we have to stitch. No matter the time of year. Think of it this way, finishing on Holy Saturday means the Nutcracker will always be blessed and therefore you home will always be blessed. Happy Easter to you and your family.