Thursday, May 2, 2013

Royal Pain In The Tudors

My special notebook for the Tudors arrived today

It is very regal looking for this special Home Study.

I am progressing very nicely so far. I have the three white and gold bands completed and am on step four of the composite stitch for the red area. This stitch has six steps. Amy always amazes me with her creativity but this Home Study is really over the top. I am totally addicted to stitching this piece.

So far this week we are zero out of four days for naps. I guess Jake's napping is over. There goes my cleaning and stitching time. He would nap for two to two and a half hours. I would get a lot accomplished during that time now it has to wait until he goes home. Only seven weeks until summer vacation, I cannot wait

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Diane Gasior said...

You are too funny. Ahhh, the memories of them not wanting to nap any more.

I am so excited to watch you and Melinda stitch the Tudors.