Monday, May 27, 2013

Stitching Over The Weekend

I am happy with my accomplishments over this weekend. Would have liked more time for stitching but I did reach one goal.

Kit 1 of The Tudors is complete. I really enjoyed stitching this section. It was amazing to see each section of the design come together. Amy is doing an amazing job with this piece. It is like putting pieces of fabric together. Looking forward to Kit 2 which arrives this week.

My scissor fob and small matching magnet are for this section of canvas, which is Anne of Cleves. Call me crazy but I got the magnet and fob to match each queen that the canvas represents.

My second project is the Halloween Hooter by Tapestry Fair. This is going to be a fun project. Have not accomplished much but you can get the idea. The section with the number 1 is the Crest and sections 2 and 3 are the face and eyes

Looking forward to doing the eyes.

Today was a very upsetting day for me. We took Jake's crib apart and put it away.
After having it up for three years the room looks so empty. I am sure he is going to be upset when he does not see it. It has been at least a month since he slept in it and he is really too big for it. I am just going to tell him that he is a big boy now and should sleep in a big boy bed. Have to get some car sheets for the big bed now.
Hopefully we will be blessed with another grandchild someday and Jake's crib will be used once more.


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