Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guess What I Did Today

The tradition in our home is to decorate for Halloween on Labor Day Weekend.
I so look forward to seeing all my Halloween needlepoint that is carefully packed away in acid-free tissue paper and boxes. I spent the whole day decorating my family room.

I displayed my Kelly Clark apples, stitch guides by Amy Bunger and Kelly Clark Halloween candy, stitch guides by Ruth Schmuff, on a spider web cake stand.
I purchased this spider web stand from Sur la table. It has spiders hanging down from the top. I hope to stitch some Halloween cupcakes for next year.

Jake came over to see all my Halloween decorations. He was so excited. First thing he did was hug mummy boy. Next Jake had to say hi to Stirha, Frank and Dracula. When Jake was a baby, I would take him over to the mantel to say hi to all my decorations. We would do this everyday and the tradition continues.
We also do the same thing at Christmas with the Nativity and Easter with the bunnies.

I will post more pictures of my decorating tomorrow.



jill said...

I look forward to your Halloween decorations all year. I will start pulling mine out next weekend. Have fun and thanks for sharing

Linda B said...

I have the same apples. Who did your finishing? They are beautiful

Denise & Linda said...

Linda B.
Thank you. The finishing was done by Bedecked and Bedazzled in Baltimore.