Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Injured On Job

Yesterday was the first day of Nana Day Care after a wonderful summer off.
Jake was very happy to be back and we had a great day playing with cars, Legos
and doing arts and crafts. Jake decided he wanted to do Ring round the Rosie and that is when the accident happened. I did not fall down, just had my head bent looking down at Jake, when he jumped up and the top of his head hit me just above my eye. He was so upset that he hurt Nana. We immediately put ice on it since I now had a big bump just below my eyebrow. Jake had to get the ice and hold it on my head. Last night it was just slightly black and blue but when I woke up this morning, the whole eye was a beautiful shade of dark purple. Guess I will not be going out in public for awhile.

It really looks 100 times worse in person. Never had a black eye before and I hope I never have one again.

Day two of Nana Day Care - hope we have no accidents.



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

At least you didn't slip on a ladder and bang your eyebrow with it when you grabbed it to steady yourself TWO DAYS BEFORE THANKSGIVING. Nothing like being the butt of "had to wrestle that turkey?" jokes during the family Thanksgiving celebration! Even the folks at the supermarket checkout line joined in the fun when I had to make an emergency run for cream. Sigh.

Hope you heal very quickly.

Anne Bloom said...

Uh oh! So sorry!

jill said...

Oh Linda... that's a shiner!!! So sorry.

Dee W said...

Ah yes! This will be a forever remember story!