Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christmas is Coming

Ok, so my first (& only) Christmas finishing is back--my door hanging.

I was so pleased that this came back as quickly as it did; it's such a pretty piece, & Tony did such a good job on the stitch guide, that I wanted to really enjoy looking at it. It is hanging on the door to the basement in my family room, so it is just opposite where I usually sit when I am stitching, so I'll get to see it for a couple of months.

The finishers did a great job, keeping the front simple so as to not distract from the great ideas Tony utilized. And I love the back, as they used a cute, fun, sparkly fabric. The tassel with the bell was Linda's excellent suggestion.

I am working on the small piece I did in the class with Tony a few weeks ago; I should be done with it in a few weeks. I have been quite busy with work as well as extracurricular activities, so stitching has been sidelined a bit by late night meetings. I've actually been knitting some as a break from stitching.

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