Friday, January 29, 2010

Halloweenies Arrived

Here is a picture of everything that arrived in my double coffin size box. I had ordered a Sterling small purse in pink and a custom canvas by Beth Hunt to put in the small purse. Also ordered Julia Snyder's new book Darn Fillings. Also in the box was the last Home Study for the Nativity. I got two camels since my daughter, Jennifer, is also doing the Nativity.

The Haunted House with stitch guide, threads and stretcher bars was the first item that came out of the box. Loved the poem and surprise. Cannot thank Jill and all her helpers enough for putting together the kits. You can really appreciate all the hard work that went into putting the kits together. Special thanks to Amy for another spectacular guide. The House is on the evertite bars and is waiting for its first stitch of mortar around the shingles. Hope I can keep up with everyone. I still have to finish the Shepherd and now start the canvas for the Sterling purse.
Off to start stitching the roof.


Robin said...

Great photo layout, Linda. Have fun with your Haunted House construction. I've seen the future... you're gonna love it.

Cyn said...

Hi Linda,

Looking forward to seeing your progress on all of your projects.

Now, that's a fun package to receive! :-)

Windy Meadow

Cindy said...

What a fun box of goodies! I'm looking forward to seeing your Haunted House progress :)

Peggy said...

Halloweenies AND Nativity in the same box. Double the fun!