Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roof Is Done

I just finished the Roof to the Haunted House. Oh, what a wonderful year long journey we are going to have. Amy is going to really challenge and teach us so many wonderful things. I have some advice for anyone who is doing the Halloweenies and has not yet done a Home Study with Amy. First do not get overwhelmed. Take each piece one step at a time. Follow all directions as written. Read and reread them to make you sure understood everything. Looking at the whole picture is overwhelming and if you just break it down to one step at a time you will realize that it was not as difficult as it first appeared. Second, if you happen to have Amy's DVDs use them. Sometimes you are doing a stitch or technique that you just does not seem right. Just check to see if it is on one of the DVDs - I found this to be very helpful. It is just like having Amy there showing you exactly the right way to do the stitch or technique. Third, remember it is your piece and you should be having fun. If you cannot get something call or email the store and you will get answer to your problem. Remember we have Needlepoint Study Hall that is already a big help in giving us advice on this project.
Off to start the green walls.
In just about two weeks my daughter, Jennifer, is due to have our first grandbaby. So I am just preparing you that you will be seeing a lot of baby pictures. You will be the first to know.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

The roof looks great but the grandbaby about to arrive is Really Great. Congratulations. You should have a great time with him/her.

Cindy said...

It is looking great!!

I am looking forward to seeing this one unfold :)