Friday, February 19, 2010

Progress on Haunted House

I have completed the roof, first floor, space between rails and part of the second floor. Have not had a lot of time to stitch. Have been very busy preparing for the baby. Hopefully, the little bundle of joy will be here by the beginning of next week. I am really trying to finish my homework on the Haunted House before the baby arrives. No serious stitching is going to get done once the baby is here. I see myself spending a lot of time just loving and bonding with the baby.
Work on the Haunted House is not very difficult so far. The most challenging part is deciding how you want to shade your house and the constant changing of needles to achieve your goal. So far it has been a really fun stitch. I know that Amy has some real challenges in store for us with Stirha Cal-Dron so enjoy the easy stitching on the house.
Will keep you posted on progress of the house and the baby. Have my bag ready for the hospital with my Kindle and needlepoint.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

Your stitching is lovely. You've made great progress. Best for the new grandbaby's arrival. We will be all ears to hear. It's always nice to be a new "stitching auntie."

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the photo of the whole project. I can see exactly what you've worked on very well. While we wait for The Baby to arrive and steal you away from us for a bit, I have a question about the laying tool holder on your canvas. I've seen photos of them on several websites and wonder if they will work for various sizes of laying tools. I use many different laying tools on a project. Right now I have my trolley needle, my Shay Pendray's Best Laying Tool and a wooden laying tool out, using each on various parts of my current project.

So I am asking for a product review, I guess! But only if you have the time. Babies are so exciting and time-consuming!

Denise & Linda said...


I love my laying tool holder. I have several different laying tools - wooden (thick and thin) and Ruth's best laying tool (metal) - and it holds all of them with no problem. Can turn my canvas over and the laying tool stays in place. I am not sure about the trolley laying tool. I have not tried it. I will ask Denise to try it since she uses it and let you know.

Denise & Linda said...

I see I was prompted for a response! I like the magnet a lot, it works great with the trolley needle. With my BLT in with the wooden handle, I do need to have it "grab" onto the metal part of the tool, as the laying tool with the wooden handle is too heavy to be held securely without a grasp onto something metal. But it does hold it well from the metal part to turn the canvas without worry. Denise

Kelly said...

The house looks great! Sounds like you are ready for the grandbaby adventure - what else could you need besides your Kindle and needlepoint? :-) Thanks for the review on the laying tool holder.

Peggy said...

Great job Linda. Your shading looks great.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Many thanks from the Stitching Sisters on the laying tool holder information. I greatly appreciate it. I think I will have to get one now.

Jane, who currently has three laying tools out on the table as I stitch Stars