Monday, February 22, 2010

Out of the Water & Onto the Rocks

I am done with Ponza Sunset's water, & now am ready to move on to the rocks. I have done a little bit of work on the border as well; you can see the tent stitch in Kreink on the top & halfway down both sides. I will be doing the same border on this & all the other Ponza canvases in this series as I did on my first Ponza canvas; that border was designed by Tony Minieri.

The water was done in little wavy stitch, with the longer stitches done in single strands of silk overdyes by Thread Gatherer or Gloriana. The little stitches were with various mixes of Accentuate, 2 plies at a time, mixing up the various blues, greens & other colors.

My goal is to try to get this Ponza sunset done by mid-March, as my next Tony Minieri class at Stitch by Stitch (in Larchmont, NY) is the last Sunday & Monday in March. I will be doing the Ponza door with a stitch guide from Tony. The last of the Ponza canvases (so far) will be with the help of Sharon G, with our online class through the Shining Needle Society. You can see all the Ponza canvases here (

In looking at this post, I realize it must seem a little bit schizophrenic here. Linda is happily working away on Halloween, while I am working on these Ponza canvases; what do these Stitching Sisters have in common? Think of it this way: we appeal to many audience members. Or we're crazy. Whichever you prefer :)
We must remain distracted until the arrival of Linda's grandbaby. I personally can't wait to start speaking Italian to this baby in person (I have spoken Italian to the baby in utero all along & received positive feedback from the baby so far. I need to have someone besides Tony Minieri to speak Italian to when I am needlepointing).
We will keep you posted. Ciao! Denise

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