Sunday, January 9, 2011

Progress on Rhett

I just finished the basket on Rhett and am undecided if I should take it out. If I do not take out the basket I only have the handle left to do. If anyone else is working on this canvas I would recommend not to put the pants legs in until the basket is done. You keep catching the neon rays with the needle when weaving the basket. Now I feel that I also have to replace the purple neon rays on the left side.
I love the background with the carrots. Rhett was a fun easy stitch. The basket itself was not hard to do. However, I did find the wire difficult to work with. Rhett will wait for Scarlett to be done and then the two of them will be sent down to Ruth, Bedecked and Beadazzled, for finishing. Their baskets will be filled with all sorts of goodies that only Ruth can imagine.
I just checked out the Needleworks and Needlepoint Study Hall blogs and there are so many wonderful new canvases coming out. Kelly Clark's Noah's Ark it just spectacular and the Melissa Shirley's pears finished as topiaries are magnificent. So many new canvases calling my name. If only I had the time to do them all.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog and seeing what your working on. Rhett is so cute and will look forward to seeing Scarlet.

Your stitching is superb. I am sure there are many more new canvases to look forward in 2011

Melinda said...

Linda - Rhett looks great! Beautiful job stitching him - the basket, too! Maybe the finisher can hide any imperfections you see in the basket with some embellishments - ribbons, grass? Can't wait to see Miss Scarlett!

Susan Frick said...

Hi Linda! Don't know your e-mail address so am writing here and hope you see this. I know the last thing you need is another project, but I thought of you and Jake when I saw this - maybe you have already seen it. It's called the Toy Express series and there is a link to it on the Chilly Hollow blog posting for January 7th. I enjoy seeing all your projects on your blog. Susan Frick