Sunday, January 23, 2011

Progress On Scarlett

Scarlett is progressing slowly. I am having a lot of trouble with my shoulder on my right arm and have not been able to stitch for any length of time. Going to the doctor on Tuesday and hope to have this problem taken care of. I have done Scarlett's hat, face, part of her left sleeve, stockings, shoes and part of the grass. I found that if I work on the lower part of the canvas my shoulder does not bother me as much. I have to put in all the embellishments on her hat but am going to wait until the stitching is done. Hopefully, I will be able to get more accomplished this week on her so I can go back to the Halloweenies before the Creche arrives.

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Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - Miss Scarlett is adorable! You have gotten quite a lot stitched this week. I love her sleeves! Hope the doctor will have encouraging news for you this week. Take care! No snow shoveling!