Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Choices and Stash Enhancement

I am trying to decide between the Maggie Tiger Lilly dress and the Eye Candy Halloween Collage for the Sharon G canvas embellishment class that I will be taking in September at Nimble Needle. I will probably have to wait until just before the class to decide which to do. My decision will be based on the range of motion I have in my arm. If I cannot extend my arm that far, I will probably do the Halloween Collage but if I have full range I think I will take the Tiger Lilly dress.

Even though I can only work on belts at the present time, I have added to my stash. I could not resist Candy Rush by Ewe & Eye that BeStitched put together as a total package. You get the canvas, stitch guides, threads and custom made frame. I could not believe how reasonably priced it was. I just had to have it. When I receive the frame I will post a picture, so everyone can see how beautiful it is. BeStitched wrote a wonderful stitch guide for this canvas. I cannot wait to stitch it. The best part is that once it is stitched I will have the frame to put it in - immediate gratification.

Last month when I received the July/August of Needlepoint Now and saw the Whimsy In Bloom canvas by Mindy with stitch guide by Tony Mineri, I just knew I had to have it. I ordered the canvas from our LNS with all the threads and beads. Tony did a magnificent job on the stitch guide and it is going to be such fun to stitch.

I have two wonderful projects to look forward to stitch when I am fully recovered. I go to the Doctor on September 12 and am hoping that he will tell me that I can stitch on bigger projects again.

My summer vacation is coming to an end. Jake will be back in less then two weeks. I am looking forward to having my little man again and am very happy that he will be going to nursery school three mornings a week. This will give me some time for myself to get errands done, and any appointments I have to make without worrying about what to do with Jake. Jake has had a wonderful summer. Jen has kept him very busy with going to the pool (everyday), the park and play dates. Jen and Jake are going to miss their carefree days together, and Nana is going to miss her freedom too.



Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - Excellent stash enhancement - you are a pro! I don't know how you will decide which one to work on first. That would be a hard one for me! Can't wait to see the frame for the BeStitched canvas - it looks like it will be a very fun project.

Anonymous said...

Love the finishing on your Fall Tree, it makes me want to start one of may Trees as well. Have fun with Brenda Hart, either canvas would be a lot of fun. Hope you get the OK to stitch bigger canvas's soon.

Ada Haydon said...

Hi Linda! Wow, this stash is making my mouth water-- love it all. If you end up taking the Halloween Collage to Sharon G's class I hope you will post a photo-- I would LOVE to see what Sharon would come up with for it!