Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank You, Irene, & Good Riddance

Irene has departed. I will admit it was pretty scary last night; the wind howled, quite loudly, the rain pelted down, and it stayed that way for about 16 hours. Thankfully, we had little damage, a lot of yard mess, but nothing consequential. Linda unfortunately had some water entry which created a messy cleanup and will require some reconstruction, although Lord knows when that can happen. Many in the NY metropolitan area are without power and even under water; lots of roadways are closed, mass transit won't be functioning tomorrow. So all in all, good riddance to this pesky hurricane. She couldn't get lost fast enough.

On the other hand being stuck in the house since Friday has allowed me to get a lot of stitching done. Question to myself: in the winter when we get snowbound, I get the urge to cook; I had no such inclinations with this hurricane. Wonder what's so different in this season? I guess there are fewer summertime comfort foods.

In any event you can see the results of my efforts. I have finished the project that our local needlepoint store did as a group effort, this lovely Rebecca canvas, "Twas the Night before Christmas." Actually, I am not quite complete; I ran out of snowflakes and I need to wait for our local store to reopen to get about 6 more flakes. I am planning on making this a standup; I was going to have this be a music box, but I may not any more; we'll see as I send it in for finishing.

I will be moving on to this month's Raymond Crawford calendar canvas; I should finish it by week's end. Then I plan to resume the many canvases for which I have guides from classes with Tony & Sharon.

Keep all those burdened by Irene's path in your thoughts.



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Cute project, although it must be maddening to be six snowflakes from the end and run out!

I'm glad you and Linda are fine. Cleanup is just another chore on the list. We are glad you are both safe after a nasty storm.

Anonymous said...

Glad you girls are OK. Vey scary happenings up there. I love the canvas and your stitching. We are staying inside and making progress on projects down here in Texas. We are housebound for weather reasons as well. Set a record here in Austin yesterday of 112F! That is hot for us. Can't wait to see what y'all stitch up next.

Stephanie Ashworth

Robin said...

Just wonderful. Love everything about it. Can't wait to see the finishing. Glad you are OK from Irene. Hugs to both you and Linda.