Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finished Pink Candy Cane

Just finished Melissa Shirley's Pink Tree Candy Cane. This was a quick stitch. I was able to stitch it during Jake's afternoon naps. I will take it to our LNS for finishing. They are offering 20 percent off all finishing during the month of April.
Work on the center area of the roof is coming along. I am about half way done with step two and then just have step three and it will be done.


Steph's Stitching said...

So cute! I have not been working on the roof. I am on a roll with Helowise. If I have an uneventful weekend, I just might finish her.

palma said...

oh, that roof. Here I am picturing you working up in the roof and thinking "must be hard to give up needlepoint to go up and work on the roof". I seriously need extrta coffee today. Or maybe it is my anxiety for my house to arrive/
The candy cane is adorable. By the way, are you coming for Brenda's class end of the month at Ruth's?

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Palma,
Unfortunately, I will not be going to Ruth's for Brenda's class. I am going to Amy's in May.

Diane said...

Love the candy cane. Might need to buy one for my stash. Headed to Regal Rabbit today. Pretty cold and rainy in Napa today. Good day to shop for needlepoint.