Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter & Play Ball!

Finished this up this afternoon, waiting for Easter dinner to beep from the oven. It's still tax season, so Easter is not a big cooking day for me; no guests, just us.

I did this canvas for my husband, an avid Yankees fan. Since Yankee season just opened, I am glad I was able to finish this.

I am about to (perhaps) put thread to canvas on the Thanksgiving House. I am intimidated by it, but I think I just need to start already.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Easter Sunday. Best wishes also for a Happy Passover!



Diane said...

Hi Linda,

I love it. I know how you feel about the canvas and intimidation. That's how I feel with every lesson that comes with the Pear Banner.

Good luck with the Thanksgiving House. I think it is just the initial jumping in that is intimidating. As soon as you get going on it, with your experience, it will be a breeze.

Happy Easter,


Rebecca said...

Love it! Was wondering what kind of stand you had to hold your needlepoint.

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Rebecca,
I have a System 4 stand with an arm extension. I have the travel version; I really like my stand. Even with the big Thanksgiving house canvas, I still find it to be stable.


Anonymous said...

I love the Ornament for your husband. Way to go. I am with you on "that first stitch" I am the same way and I was intimidated as well. I'm outlining Shingles and will attempt the dark green part of the roof today for a breather from the shingles. Glad we have 2 months I have a Systems 4 and love it.

Sue V

Steph's Stitching said...

Cute finish. Are you on Facebook. I'm sure Linda told you about the Thanksgiving House home study page. You can see how not to do the shingles in my photos. I am crazy for it and can't wait to see your start.

Good luck!