Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Progress and New Ornament

I am having fun stitching the first Heritage II club ornament. This is a Kelly Clark canvas with stitch guide by Alison Hodgkiss.

Here is my progress so far. The cap is done. I changed the stitch to a brick and really like it. The middle border is done and the bottom of the ornament is done.
I started the upper section last night.

The FedEx man delivered this to the office door and not to the house. My husband got the box. I really like to keep my acquisitions to myself. Not only did my husband see this beautiful ornament from Barbara's Needlepoint but Jake got in on it too. His first words were "more point" and next he said "this is my point and I stitch it myself". He then ran off with the canvas. It took some bribing and I finally got it away from him. It is now in a safe place. I hope when he gets up from his nap he does not ask about it.

I have a feeling that I am going to be stitching a lot of smaller projects this year.
I hope to return to the house soon.


Diane Gasior said...

Oh Linda, I love it. Your arm must be feeling better, the stitching is going along quite fast. Can't wait to see it finished. I ordered the same santa ornament.

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Diane,
Thank you. It is a fun stitch and is going fairly quickly
.Just love the ornament from Barbara's needlepoint.

Steph's Stitching said...

I love that ornament. I think I might go on a smaller project kick, too. I need to finishing gratification.