Friday, April 19, 2013

Peter Rabbit

Today Karen and I went to The Needle House in Houston, Texas. What a wonderful store. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel so welcomed and at home.
Highly recommend visiting this shop when you visit Houston. Laurie Walden happened to be teaching and we got to meet her. She is a wonderful person so friendly and willing to discuss her needlepoint projects with us. I saw Peter Rabbit as soon as I walked into the store and I have to tell you he is totally magnificent.
The canvas is by Labors of Love and Laurie did the stitch guide. The guide will be available to buy probably sometime around October. She is also doing the girl rabbit which is also going to be magnificent. Karen and I both fell in love with them and talked to Laurie about doing them.

This picture does not do him justice. I loved him when I saw the picture but when you see him in person you really get to see all the wonderful details, techniques and embellishments that bring him to life. Truly a work of art.

Better get to bed so I am wide awake for class tomorrow.



Diane Gasior said...

You two are having way to much fun!!! Stay safe and have a great weekend. I think I need to keep the rabbits in mind for next year. They are beautiful

enrichedstitch said...

Laurie will be teaching the highlights of those pieces at The Enriched Stitch in November. I can't wait! I saw the boy bunny at market and I was blown away. One of the most spectacular pieces I've ever seen.