Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Needle Works

I promised you pictures of The Needle Works and here a few.

When you walk in the door you see this beautiful LARGE table with chairs.
The table is in front of the fireplace, which is being covered by this beautiful floral canvas. The mantel as well as bookcases on the sides and walls are covered with the wonderful finished needlepoint

Just behind the table is a work station. Behind the work station are threads. Please note the window on the left - the whole store and classroom are filled with these windows. The light is perfect for stitching and picking out threads.

This check out area is to the right of the work station. Again check out the windows and lighting and all the displayed finished needlepoint.

The glass display case is to the right when you first work into the store. The finished needlepoint is just spectacular.

This area is across from the register. Loads of canvases, accessories and a sneak peek at just a few of The Needle Works accessories.

Just have to say that Stephanie and her fellow swans are very lucky to have such a fabulous LNS.

More to come tomorrow.

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Steph's Stitching said...

And we know it! I am sorry to have missed you. Happy knowing you had a wonderful time!