Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Latest Project

Here is the Kelly Clark Nativity with stitch guide by Amy Bunger. I have never enjoyed stitching a project as much as this one. The stitch guide is one of the best I have worked from. If you have never done a Home Study Course from Amy, I strongly recommend that you sign up for one. Her choice of threads and stitches are just totally amazing. I have finished the manger and am almost done with infant but have to put it down for awhile to work on the class that I am taking from our LNS.

As Denise informed you, I am taking the class and she is working from the stitch guide. We have changed the border already. We will be doing a rhodes stitch for the corners and fern stitch in between the rhodes. We found the stitch for this in Amy's Chapter on Borders in Amys's Cookbook for Stitchers. If I had the time, I would also change the background but time is of the essence. The background is a darning pattern, and it is a very quick stitch. Tomorrow, I will post a picture of the ribbon initial canvas.

My first All That Glitters Club canvas arrived. It is totally amazing. The threads, stitches and beads used are just mind blowing. I cannot wait to get started on this one. I will call Nancy of Needle House to ask permission to post pictures of my work before I post anything. I am hope to get started on the project next week.

As you can see, I am a little over my head but I am on time with the Nativity and will have my homework done for the ribbon initial before the next class.



Possibilities, Etc. said...

Amy is the best there is on canvas enhancement - she never overdoes it. She "enhances" but doesn't "suffocate" like so many do. Besides that - she's funny.

Citty & Kiki said...

I am also stitching Amy's Nativity. Love some of the threads that I have not worked with before.
All That Glitters is so beautiful...have you been to the Needle House and seen any of the finished pieces in person....they are incredible.....Think about adding Needle House to your list of favorite stores as it is one not to be missed!