Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Most Recent Excellent Adventure

Today Linda & I went on an road trip to visit my daughter Ashley at school in Philadelphia. Since we try never to miss an opportunity to add to our stash, Linda astutely noted that the most recent issue of Needlepoint Now had an advertisment for a new store in Philly---so off we went! Fortunately, my daughter loves to stitch as well so she was happy to join us.

Our new favorite destination is Rittenhouse Needlepoint, situate on Chestnut Street in Center City in Philly. It is a lovely store, bright and sunny and well lit. There are tables to sit for instruction, comfy couches and chairs to sit amd stitch, and as store owners Steven & Russell say, have some coffee and conversation. This is the link to their web site: Their web site is evolving, and in addition to all of the many, many talented needlepoint designers, they have access to a local artist who paints many of the pretty canvases seen in their store (apparently in a flash, according to Russell!).

The store only opened a few months ago, and has many unique canvases and lovely threads. They are open lots and lots of hours, and have all kinds of neat things going on almost every night after the store is closed. Once a month they even have a non-needlepoint related lecture where you can listen & sit & stitch! What a fun idea!

I purchased a lovely canvas brick cover that has an image of (what has to be) my kitten Mia; I didn't know she did modeling! Linda & I acquired some tools we were always thought about, including a tray for our System 4 Needlepoint stands. As we were getting ready to go, Steven told us about a new silk & wool thread that works beautifully on 13 gauge canvas without pilling. I need to explore that further. A few other things snuck their way into the Rittenhouse bag as well......;)

UPDATE: That thread is Planet Earth silk.

After shopping, we went down to the Italian District where some of Ashley's friends joined us for lunch. We took Ashley back to school, and on our ride back to NY, Linda & I planned our next trip down to visit this new fun location--and my daughter! to work on the initial canvas. D

PS: The mantle is done, I am waiting for some embellishments to arrive to add before I show you the completed project. Patience.

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Cyn said...

Hi Denise and Linda,

Enjoyed catching up on all of your recent posts!

Lot's of beautiful and fun projects!!! :-)

Windy Meadow