Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well Deserved Awards

I just learned that Amy Bunger received several awards at the ANG Seminar in Milwaukee. Amy won a Second Place ribbon and the Special Christmas Award for the completed 9 pieces of the Kelly Clark Nativity Set. This award is so well deserved. I would have given Amy first place but then I am biased. This Nativity Set is just spectacular. Amy's choice of stiches and threads is just unbelievable. The canvases are totally transformed with Amy's selection of stitches and threads. Amy also received The Literary Award for her contributions to needlepoint in literature and video. Another award that is also well deserved. We are so lucky to have such a multi-talented needlepoint designer available to us.

I cannot wait to see Amy work her magic on the Halloween series that is scheduled to start February 2010. The haunted house is the first in the series. My needle will be ready to start the moment arrives.



Anne Bloom said...

Amy is the best! I totally agree with you.

Anne B.

Robin said...

Thanks, Linda for spreading the news. We appreciate your voice. Robin