Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I have been very busy working on Frank and hope to have him done by the weekend. Stitching time is at a premium since Jake has arrived. He is getting soo big. He is 10 weeks old now and is just the happiest little man. Promise to post pictures of Frank and Jake soon.

Last night I did not stitch on Frank since I watched the season finale of Lost and could not work on a project that required my full attention. Instead, I worked on my monogram insert canvas for a Sterling bag. I finished the canvas and just have to insert it into the bag. Hope to post a picture of the completed bag tomorrow.

One month from today I will be at Amy's. I cannot wait to go. I need this stitching vacation soo bad. My fellow stitching sister, Denise, will be coming this year along with my friend, Kathy and Kathy's mother. Jen is also coming. We are going to have the best time. Last year Jen and I had such a great stitching experience and formed a wonderful friendship with Amy. Amy makes you feel just like family. I cannot wait for Denise and Kathy to experience taking a class with Amy. Jen and I have been saying all year that we cannot wait for June to come to go back to visit with Amy.

Off to do some work on Frank. I am so close to finishing him. I just need some real quality stitching time.


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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Babies change everything. I can understand stitching time suddenly vanishes when there is a cute baby around. Have fun with Amy. I am so envious! But you will have a marvelous time and come home refreshed.