Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jake, Stitch Box and Storage for House

Here is a picture of Jake smiling in his sleep. Just had the camera in my hand at the right moment. Aunt Denise bought Jake his Christening Outfit. Jake looks so handsome in it. His Christening is set for June 6. Jake is now 12 pounds. He is getting so big. I am off today to buy him bigger clothes. He is outgrowing everything.
I got the lid back from the framer and just have to screw it onto the box and then I will fill it with all my projects.
The last picture is the storage bag I am using for the Haunted House canvas. It is large enough to hold the canvas and the black storage compartment on the front is large enough to store all the threads for the house. I purchased the bag from Amy's. It a Prestige Deluxe Mesh Bag size 20 x 26 and cost about $16.50. I wanted something that would keep the canvas safe and clean and the idea of having a place to also hold the threads for the Haunted House was a real added bonus for me. Everything is in one place and you do not have to go looking for anything.
Frank is coming along slowly. I never had time to stitch during the day and now I do not get to sit down and stitch until 10 at night. Jake is really taking up most of my time. He is such a joy to have around that you forget about the time and then once he goes home I have to clean up all his toys, chair, books, etc. Once Frank is completed I will send him and Stirha off to Amy's for finishing and then I will unfortunately have to take a break from the Halloweenies to go back to finish up the Nativity. After the Nativity is completed, I have to stitch something for Jake and then I should be able to get back to the Halloweenies.


Missy Gray said...

Love the pictures. Jake looks wonderful and I am sure that he will be most handsome in his Christening outfit. As I doting auntie, I can relate!

The Stitch Box looks wonderful. I am sure that it will house many works in progress.

Thanks for sharing.

Karen Wolkenberg said...

Don't you wonder what babies are thinking about we they smile during a nap???? TOOOOO CUTE.
Love the Christening outfit. Good job Denise!!!!

Your stitching box came out amazing. What a great idea!!! Keep those pictures coming!!!

Cindy said...

Love, love, love the box!!