Friday, April 23, 2010

Stitch Box

At last I got my stitch storage box. About four years ago I asked our carpenter to make me a box and have been waiting ever since. Finally I asked my friend Kathy if her carpenter would make me one. Four weeks later here it is. The canvas that will be going into the lid of the box is a Raymond Crawford canvas with stitch guide by Ruth Schmuff. I have had the canvas done for three years and have just been waiting for the box. Tomorrow I am off to the framer to have the canvas mounted into the lid. Cannot wait to pick out the matting. Such fun colors in the canvas that it is going to be hard to pick out two or three. The box is an 18 inch cube with bun feet. I am going to store some of my works in progress in it. I have to get everything out of sight before my little man comes. Jake is fine now since he really is not mobile but in a few months things are going to change.
I am so happy to finally have a home for my Stitch canvas. Will post a finished picture of the box when I get the lid back from the framer.


Ruth Schmuff said...

Linda, this is going to be so cool! Can't wait to see it finished!

Monica said...

why not put a glass over top of the framed inset piece so the baby (or you!) can get a mark on it that you do not mind wiping off? this box is a great idea and so well made