Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jake's First Easter

Jake and his Easter Basket - I guess I got a little carried away with his basket. It was filled with clothes for Spring and Summer and of course I had to get him a pair of Ralph Lauren Sneakers.
He is going to be one well dressed little man.
Stirha is coming along very slowly. She should have been done by now but Jake is just too cute to resist. Hope to have her done by the end of the week.
Tomorrow night is our last Back to Basics class with Tony Mineri until next year. Denise and I are going early so she can get threads for projects she is going to start and Tony is going to help me with my tassels. I will post pictures of them for you to see on Thursday. They are really going to be spectacular when they are done.


Suestich said...

I just enjoy your blog so much I and seeing your progress on the Halloweenies. I envy you being able to take from Tony...he is just the best and have enjoyed a few classes with him here in Calif.

Jake is a lucky little guy and of course, he must have RL sneakers!!! Back to my Halloweenies but always enjoy seeing your progress

Sue VanderNoor

Kelly said...

I took the back to basic class at ANG last year. It is a great class and you will enjoy it!! Jake is a cutie.