Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on Jake

I just took these pictures today. Hard to believe that he is six weeks old already. Today when I got to Jen's, I said Hi to Jake and he smiled at me. He is smiling alot now and you can tell that he is even trying to laugh. I cannot believe how big he is getting. Jen takes him to Music Appreciation once a week. So far he has slept through both classes. As part of the class, they give you a CD of the music. Jake loves it. When he starts to fuss, we put the CD on and he forgets his problems and becomes a very happy baby. That CD is pure magic. I had to get a copy for my house for when Jake visits.
Off to work on Frank. Progress is slow because of My Little Man, Jake but hope to get him done soon.

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Robin said...

The photos of Jake are Adorable!
Hmmm.... I wonder if iTunes sells the "calming" CD?
Thanks for sharing. Robin