Friday, April 9, 2010

Nativity, Tassel and Progress on Stirha

I received the finishing on the Elephant and Donkey in with Frank. He was not too happy traveling with an elephant and donkey. Cannot wait until all the pieces are on the mantel for Christmas. I have three pieces left to stitch. I have to do the Shepherd (about half done), the Sheep and the Camel. Unfortunately, I will have to take time from the Halloweenies to work on the Nativity. I will probably take the month of May to finish the Shepherd and do the Sheep and then try to fit in the Camel in between working on the Halloweenies. Such pressure.
The Tassel is from the canvas embellishment class with Tony Mineri. I have the background and beading to do. Very close to being done.
Stirha is so close to being finished. I had hoped to have her done by now but a little man by the name of Jake keeps interfering with my stitching. I just had to show you how spectacular she is. Amy is doing such a wonderful job on the Halloweenie Characters. I never thought she could top the Nativity but I was wrong. Frank is going to be a really fun and challenging stitch. His hands are going to really challenge me but with patience and helpful pointers from Needlepoint Study Hall, I am sure I will get them done. Just remember that Frank is not a perfect man so if his fingers are a little rough around the edges they are just perfect for him.
Off to go watch Jake, Jen and Eugene are going for a required meeting before the baby's Christening. Godmother Denise is coming to keep me company. The real reason is she wants to spend some quality time with her God Son.

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Cindy said...

Linda -- I don't know how the heck you do it, but I admire you so much! I am also stitching Nativity and Halloweenies but you just run circles around me with what you complete. And with a new grandson to boot!

Ahhhh...someday I hope to be an accomplished stitcher. Until then, I shall plod along in your dust! :)