Saturday, April 10, 2010


Quite a few items have returned from the finisher for me lately, & I apologize for not posting as often. Here, we have Ashley's new handbag. The bag is a beautiful, soft leather you can get from our LNS, Stitch by Stitch, and is made by Susan Treglown. It come in a variety of colors. Susan has designed a number of straps for the bags, or, if you have a belt with no particular direction, you can use a belt strap. What you do is finish the strap to an appropriate length for you, and then it is sent to the finisher and finished with leather belt straps on each end. The purse itself comes with belt buckles on each side. Linda & I were all over this idea, but Ashley quickly interjected herself into the mix. She had a half finished belt that was perfect for this project. So, instead of working on my strap, for my bag, I got to finish her belt, for her bag. "Mommy, you stitch so much faster than I."

Ah, motherhood. I am about halfway done with my strap. Sigh.

I have been busy with Jake, too. Jennifer has given me a great honor, and asked if I would be Jake's godmother. I am so moved by this. Jake & I have a wonderful relationship already. I got to visit with him last night, and we read some of the books I picked up for him at Borders in the afternoon. He has been a little demanding with wanting to be held all the time, which is fine for Linda & I but not so easy on his parents. He and I discussed this last night. I was not particularly persuasive--not yet at least.

I will post photos of some of my other finished items soon. Tomorrow, Linda & I have a class at Ridgewood Needlepoint, on "How to Write a Stitch Guide." I am sure we'll both learn a lot.

Have a good weekend.


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