Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stirha Is Finished

I am so happy with the way Stirha came out. Amy did such a fantastic job on Stirha. Her selection of threads and stitches really brought Stirha to life. I love everything about Stirha even Rhett the Rat is so cute. Amy's attention to even the smallest details in this canvas really helped bring Stirha to life. The bottom borders were such fun to stitch and the detail that Amy put into it just makes it pop. Look at Stirha shoes are they not to die for. Cannot say enough about the many talents of Amy. Now off to Frank. I started his background last night. Frank is going to be a really fun stitch. I am a little nervous about his fingers (totally new technique for me) but I think I am up for it.
Jake is doing really well. Have to take some new pictures to show everyone how big he has gotten. Got him a pair of Gap jeans yesterday. Will try to get a picture of him in them.
Frank is calling got to go.


Robin said...

Wonderful job, Linda. You should be very pleased with Stirha's outcome. Love it. Back in the day, I shopped at Baby Gap for my Nephew. He's now 20 years old. When did that happen? Thanks for sharing Stirha. We will look forward to seeing Frank. Wait until you see Bridezilla. Amy's magic continues!

Peggy said...

Good Job Linda.