Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Few More Finished Items

Here are some photos of a few more finished items. The first is a little Princess & Me ornament. I had this finished as a little standup, as I thought it was a bit oversized for an ornament. It came with a stitch guide, which I followed at times but not always. The second item is a cookie from the Little Shoppe of Stitches cookie collection. I had already done 13 other cookies, but last year, Fireside offered 12 cookies as a club. The nice thing about Fireside is that you can choose which club months you want. Since this was the only cookie I hadn't done, I added this one to the cookie tray. The cookie canvases always come with a stitch guide as well, and in doing all of the cookies, I followed the guides precisely. I must say that the tray of cookies is always a big hit with visitors.
This past Sunday Linda & I took a class at Ridgewood Needlepoint with Carole Lake, entitled "How to Write a Stitch Guide." I must say I always enjoy my classes at Ridgewood, and I am sorry I am missing the David McCaskill class next month. The class with Carole was very insighful, and, as part of our class fee, we got a terrific book by Carole, "Textured Effects for Painted Canvas." The book is excellent. I really felt very comfortable with Carole; she's a very nice lady, and has some neat ideas. I felt that many of her teaching ideas were in sync with mine, and it was very empowering to hear her say that a stitch guide that is written by another is a starting point; you don't have to stitch it exactly the way the guide says. I came away from the class with a sense of confidence in my ability to select threads & stitches for canvases.
Ponza 2 is really almost finished. I have a few flowers to add, and 2 borders. Then there will be a photo, I promise!
It has been a crazy week already at work this week. Also, Linda has Round 2 of Home Improvement hell starting (hopefully) today.
Thank God it's Wednesday!!

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