Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jake Coloring Eggs With Mommy

As you can see, Jake was more interested in sleeping during the egg coloring process.
We had a fun day at Jen's today. Denise and Ashley came for lunch and bonding with Jake. Later on one of Jen's friends from high school came by with her mother for tea and cookies.
Jake had a great time being held by everyone but he especially like being held by his Aunt Denise the best.
After dinner Jen wanted to color eggs with Jake but he was exhausted from all the ladies falling all over him.
Stirha is almost done. I only have the the flames, beading and smoke to do. I do not get as much time to stitch as I would like since Jake arrived. My days are pretty much filled with watching Jake so Jen can go off to the gym, grocery shopping etc. Hopefully, I will get more time once Jake gets his shots and he can go to Mommy and Me yoga, a music play group for infants and meeting other friends in the park.
Hope to post a picture of Stirha by the middle of the week and of course a picture of Jake with his Easter basket.

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