Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zi Zi Visits with Jake

Today I visited with Jake, which is my first visit with him since our meeting at the hospital. Of course Nana & Momma keep me up to date on his daily doings, but he & I needed some quality time together. I think we had a great day.
Jake & I chatted at length in Italian, & I read him the portion of the card I wrote to him in Italian. Jake & I have been speaking Italian together all along, as he was pretty quiet in utero for Jen, except for when I got up close and spoke to him in Italian. Then he would show his Italian side, and kick & jump around. Clearly, he is so very smart, he was multilingual from the start.
I really acted like an only child today, & pretty much wanted to hold Jake all to myself. I did not really see the need to share, but Jennifer insisted. I did allow Ashley to hold him for a little while, & his Momma, too. I begrudingly gave him over to the other two guests who visited him too. I shared pretty well, I guess. I saw no need for my stitching sister to hold him much. She can see him all the time ;)
Jake clearly prefers being held to any other options, such as hanging out in his crib or sitting in his bouncy chair. Since I didn't even bring along any needlepoint, I can't assess his interest in our hobby yet. Worked for me that he wanted to be held. Jen was less amused, and threatened a call in the middle of the night. More to follow on that one.
Oh, yes, needlepoint. Ponza 2 really is almost finished. A little bit more rock work, some puffy flowers, some borders....hopefully by the end of next weekend. Which is good, as the next quarter of my Sharon G online class has begun, & I want to move along with the Ponza canvas I gave to Tony, as well as start the last one with Sharon. Whew!
Linda will have an update on her Halloweenies soon.
Happy Easter!! Denise

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