Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sterling Bag with Monogram Insert

Here is the picture of my finished canvas in the Sterling bag. Jen is going to put the canvas in the bag for me. I just put the canvas in the bag to see how it looks. Jen will remove the protective paper from the adhesive backing and put the canvas in. I worked on this canvas every time I had to watch Jake. It took me two and half months to finish since I only stitched if he was sleeping. The bag will be coming with me to Amy's. Getting everything ready to go.
Just ordered Bohin needles from Bedecked and Beadazzled and the lap system 4 frame from Amy's. Amy will hold the frame for me until I arrive for class. It would be stupid for me to have it shipped and then only carry have to take it back to Amy's for the class. Now I will only have to take it home.
Back to working on Frank. Hope to get the cat done tonight and maybe start his shoes.


Robin said...

Looks beautiful, Linda. The Stirling Bag is a wonderful item. I am using the Black one for the Needle Deeva Heart. Looking forward the visit from the "NY Delegation" coming to Amy's next month. Safe travels. Thanks, Robin

Grant said...

Hi I also live in Westchester NY
I am wondering do you know where I can bring a Santa hat to be monogrammed with my son's name?