Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home is Not Amy's

Back in the real world, I quickly learned that home is not Amy's, with her charming hospitality & classroom surrounded by new friends all sharing the same passion. To cheer myself up today, I am posting a few photos of our classmates & their works. In reverse order, you can see Michelle's perfume seller; look at that hat!! That was two days work, but what a beautiful result!! And this is Charlotte, who is working (very happily, can you tell?) on a pretty limoge box. When Charlotte sent the canvas to Amy, she was in the middle of a very complicated project, and asked Amy for a simple guide with no complex stitches. She's long done with that, & as she was working, wanted a little more challenge. Amy quickly worked with Charlotte to modify some areas. I think Charlotte will be pleased with the result.

The last photo is of Linda & I with Amy. Sigh. This work stuff is certainly quite annoying.

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